A Brand Extension for Your Business

A StarStar Number makes your brand dialable. No more remembering 800 numbers, complicated URLs, or keywords and shortcodes. Your customers only need to remember your brand name. StarStar does the rest.

Make Your Media Buys Measurable

StarStar Numbers can make all of your advertising actionable. Just include your StarStar Number in each ad. Your customers will soon know exactly how to reach you. And as they begin to dial your StarStar Number you’ll be able to validate the effectiveness of your media purchases. By tracking usage on your StarStar Number, you can tell which ads are performing best.

Offload Your Call Center

StarStar Numbers provide the ultimate call deflection solution. Use our Visual Engagement Solution to move callers off of your call center and onto your online support services. Let customers request a callback or connect to your chat bot for additional assistance.

Stay Connected

The Smart Dial Platform supports subscription text messaging. Using a StarStar Number your customers can opt-in to receive on-going text message updates about your products and services. The Smart Dial Platform manages the subscription lists for you making TCPA Compliance straightforward. Send updates to your customers daily, weekly, or monthly via a text message. Text messages are the most effective way of reaching a customer – far more effective than email, in-app notifications, and other mechanisms. StarStar Mobile makes it easy for you to integrate subscription messaging into your complete StarStar Number solution.

Connect Locally

StarStar Numbers provide class-leading localization services. When customers call your StarStar Number, the Smart Dial Platform can connect them to the nearest office or store location. Using StarStar Numbers a single number will always get your customers to the store or office you want them to connect to. Learn more about our Localization Services.

Works 24×7

The Smart Dial Platform understands your office hours and you can program a unique experience for the hours when your business may be closed. Using a StarStar Number your business never needs to miss a lead. StarStar Mobile’s Visual Engagement solution can give customers online access to your products right from their phone even when your business is closed. Users can complete lead capture forms or request a callback.

Voice Command

The Smart Dial Platform includes integrated voice recognition capability. Customers can interact with the platform simply by saying the name of a product or service. Using our integrated Voice Command capability you can customize how you handle each product or service. After the customer says the name of a product or service, you can connect calls to your call center giving the customer a human touch, or you can drive customers to a self-service model using our Visual Engagement solution. Voice Command puts your customers in control of the product they need and you in control of how you deliver that product.