Nationwide ADC Registry

For over a decade StarStar Mobile has held exclusive contracts with the major US wireless carriers to enable Abbreviated Dial Codes (ADCs). Abbreviated Dial Codes are short numbers that begin with the digits *, #, **, or ##. For most commercial applications StarStar Mobile provides customers with numbers that begin with the digits ** which we call StarStar Numbers. StarStar Mobile operates the nationwide registry for StarStar Numbers, and StarStar Numbers are quickly becoming the dialable domain of the mobile world.

Enabling ADCs

To enable these ADCs, StarStar Mobile developed the Smart Dial Platform. The Smart Dial Platform is the only commercial ADC platform in the world and employs a number of specialized technologies to enable the deployment of ADCs at large scale. The Smart Dial Platform maintains the national ADC registry and is able to activate ADCs nationwide on the major US wireless carriers. The Smart Dial Platform is a full-featured platform integrating all of the technologies that are needed to enable modern ADC services including:

  • Interactive voice response
  • Speech recognition
  • Text to speech
  • Geofencing
  • Text messaging
  • Visual Engagement
  • RESTful Developer API
  • Sophisticated Management Portal
  • Automated data feeds

Carrier Grade Reliability

StarStar Mobile operates its services with the consent of the major US wireless carriers. These carriers have high standards and we’ve risen to the challenge by making the Smart Dial Platform a full carrier-grade platform. Our platform is designed for 99.999% availability, and most of the time we hit that mark! The platform employs multiple levels of redundancy and we are happy to say that StarStar Mobile has not had a major service outage in over 5 years. We’re proud of our track record of reliability and we think you’ll be comfortable running your services on the Smart Dial Platform.

Intellectual Property

StarStar Mobile holds a number of patents on technology used in the Smart Dial Platform. Following are some of our patents.

Wireless Data System

System and method for mediating service invocation from a communication device

Device based telecommunications initiated data fulfillment system

Abbreviated-dialing code telecommunications with social media integration

System and method for service invocation and response with a communication device based on transmitted code content recognition

Public Service ADCs

Most of the ADCs we enable at StarStar Mobile begin with the digits **. StarStar Numbers are the ADCs that are used for almost all commercial ADC applications. Many public service applications however use ADCs. First responders such as state troopers, highway patrol, police departments, and some other government agencies have historically used ADCs. If you need one of these public service ADCs contact us and we can help you get setup.