The purpose of StarStar is to connect people and brands through advertising campaigns and in doing so provide value to both parties. We require any Call-To-Action (CTA) and Content accessed through the StarStar platform to comply with the highest legal and ethical standards. We have developed and maintain complete guidelines to help our partners better understand the kinds of campaigns that the StarStar platform supports. Basically, the document requires you follow a few simple rules:

General Content Policy:

StarStar Mobile requires any StarStar call-to-action (CTA) and content accessed through the StarStar platform to comply with the highest legal and ethical limits. This evaluation may be conducted by StarStar Mobile itself, its carrier partners, or trusted third party ratings organizations.

Prohibited Campaigns:

  • Private or personal matters concerning any person, including without limitation home phone numbers and addresses, credit/debit card information, and/or customer account information such as customer passwords.
  • Libelous or defamatory
  • Violation of Property Rights
  • Misleading or fraudulent claims
  • Profanity
  • Sexual (adult) content
  • Hate Speech
  • Violence
  • Illegal Activity (explicit or implicit)
  • Multi-Level Marketing Schemes
  • Advertisements for competing wireless telecommunication offers (Carrier Competition)
  • Controversial Content such as abuse of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, illegal gambling, guaranteed credit repairs, etc.

Campaigns Approved on a Case-by-Case Basis:

StarStar Mobile will work with its carrier partners for explicit carrier approval for the following types of campaigns:

  • Mobile Giving
  • Content/Sweepstakes
  • Political/Advocacy
  • Alcohol
  • Mass Calling Events
  • Chat services
  • Any campaign with a “Premium” carrier billing element
  • Subscriber information passed to a 3rd party

Carriers will be asked to provide approval or detailed feedback on required changes in the course of 10 business days.

General Advertising Guidelines:

  • All material terms and conditions of the advertised program or campaign, including the privacy policy that governs, must be clearly communicated.
  • Program advertising or its placement must not be deceptive about the functionality, features, or content of the underlying program.
  • All advertising must include a form of the phrase “Msg&Data Rates May Apply” This verbiage should be clear and conspicuous on the call to action/promotion/advertising.
  • Illegible font sizes and obscuring the disclaimer “Msg&Data Rates May Apply” are prohibited.

Recurring Messaging Program:

A “recurring” messaging program results in multiple messages being delivered to the user. The following information must be included in the advertisement and confirmation SMS:

  • Opt out and Help information. STOP and HELP instructions must be in BOLD lettering.
  • Frequency of messages (e.g. 30 messages per month)

General Opt-In Requirements:

  • An opt-in to a specific campaign as described in the CTA must not be used or construed by an advertiser as blanket approval to promote other campaigns, products, or services.
  • Selling mobile opt-in lists are prohibited.

Content Monitoring:

All elements of a live campaign will be monitored on a periodic basis to ensure ongoing compliance.

This is a summary of the complete StarStar Customer Code of Conduct/StarStar Campaign Management Policy document, which is provided to all prospective and current clients. 

Partners who use the StarStar service MUST READ AND AGREE in order for StarStar Mobile to activate their campaign.