Experiences Localized for your Callers

The StarStar platform provides unparalleled localization capabilities. The Smart Dial Platform allows the entire user experience to be localized using common geographic boundaries. The Smart Dial Platform understands the boundaries of US States and Counties as well as the boundaries used for TV Markets. You can set up unique caller experiences for all of these boundaries. Localization can happen automatically when the user calls, or you can prompt the user to say a city and state or zip code allowing the user to specify where they need your product or service irrespective of where they called from. You can even set up hierarchical experiences where for instance a single county within a state gets a special user experience, while the rest of the state gets a standard experience. The possibilities are endless.


Here are a few examples of the kinds of things you can do with the Smart Dial Platform localization capabilities.

  • Connect callers to your local office on state-by-state or even county-by-county basis
  • Give a unique experience in every TV market where you advertise
  • Use one of our Service Industry numbers in your state or market
  • Send most callers to your nationwide call center, but move select states, counties, or markets to a separate call center