As digital transformation reaches new levels, businesses are striving hard to adapt to new technologies and finding ways to acquire new customers and engage and retain the existing ones. Enterprises across all verticals such as Retail, Media and Entertainment, Travel and Automotive, Healthcare, IT and Telecom, and others are increasingly investing in SMS-based platforms because of their benefit in reaching a large audience instantaneously and cost-effectively.

Businesses are finding ways to engage and communicate with their users over SMS, the need for communication doesn’t end there. The real value for businesses lies in a platform that can give them the ability to engage with their end-users on a continuous ongoing basis that can help them acquire and retain customers and also provide valuable content to their customers so that they can turn into long term loyal customers and in turn drive more sales.

Why SMS?

SMS makes a compelling communications tool to bring businesses and their customers close together. With an open rate of 98% and that over 90% of SMS are opened within 15 minutes of receipt, it’s a no-brainer why enterprises across various industry verticals are rapidly adapting SMS as their primary channel for customer communication.

Below are some statistics on customer preferences around the use of SMS:

  • 60% of customers want to be able to respond back to SMS they receive from a business
  • 83% of customers prefer to receive appointment reminders via text
  • 54% of customers would like to receive promotions via text message
  • 60% of customers would like to text a business about customer support issues


SubscribeNow, powered by StarStar Mobile’s Smart Dial Platform allows businesses to reach and engage their customers on an ongoing basis.

Based on your business needs, SubscribeNow can help you create personalized SMS campaigns that can extend the reach of your business and increase sales, ROI, and customer satisfaction by allowing end customers to opt-in to your SMS campaigns thus enabling your business to engage with your customers regularly.

StarStar Mobile’s Smart Dial Platform makes it possible to create campaigns that can be leveraged by your business to promote deals and coupons, reminders, loyalty programs and rewards, special discounts, new product offerings, requesting feedback or just to touch base with your customers regularly. This not only enforces your brand value and presence but it also keeps you engaged with your customers and increases customer retention. 

With an average opt-out rate across all campaigns of less than 5%, and over 75% of people preferring to receive ads via SMS, and another 70% preferring to receive deals and coupons from their favorite businesses over SMS, StarStar Mobile’s Subscription Messaging Studio can help a business achieve exponential growth in sales, customer engagement, and retention. 

Data suggests that a 5% increase in retention can lead to significant profits, ranging from 25 percent all the way to 95 percent. also suggested that over 48 million people would have willingly opted-in to receive product offerings, updates, and other services over SMS from their favorite brands by the end of 2020, and the number is expected to grow by 44% by end of 2024.

How does it work?

Based on your business needs, you can create Subscription campaigns using StarStar Mobile’s SubscribeNow. The platform enables your end-users to call a StarStar (**), Star(*), or a Pound(#) code followed by the Vanity number (for example #MYBILL, **DEALS, *ROADSIDE) from their mobile device and opt-in to your subscription campaign.

SubscribeNow, powered by the underlying Smart Dial Platform gives you the ability to customize the SMS Body, Media, including voice and audio greetings, images, custom keywords, custom replies, frequency (i.e., how often you want your customers to receive a text), etc. to fit your business needs.

SubscribeNow also gives you the ability to obtain end user’s consent (required by TCPA Guidelines) via Opt-In before sending marketing and promotional text messages. Our in-house support team makes sure all the guidelines and best practices are followed so that your business can benefit the most from Subscription Messaging Studio. 

SubscribeNow can help you get more out of every dollar you spend on marketing. By having your customers opt-in, your business can create long-term loyal customers that can increase ROI and Sales.