StarStar Mobile empowers its enterprise customers and business partners to engage with their end-users in the most effective and efficient manner with the help of Content Now. At StarStar Mobile, we put users first and then think backward from their perspective and needs to define a solution driven by technology that best delivers the end results.

We believe technology doesn’t have to be a problem, but a solution. StarStar Mobile’s Content Now application powered by AI-Driven Smart Dial Platform that’s built on deep learning algorithms, takes into account the user journey and content discovery from vast amounts of resources available on the internet, and processes the information into a concise and cognitive content delivery solution. 

With the help of Content Now, your business can deliver the most relevant and time critical information to your end users in just a 2-Step Process, and here’s how: 

How it works:

The platform enables your end users to call a StarStar (**), Star(*) or a Pound(#) code followed by the Vanity number (for example: #MYBILL, **DEALS, *ROADSIDE) from their mobile device .

The user then receives a text message on their mobile device with a URL that redirects them to the mobile-optimized visual engagement tool that is designed to deliver the content your end-users are looking for.

This proven 2-Step Process with a performable Call-to-Action connects your end users to your business in the fastest and most efficient manner thus empowering you to maximize customer engagement, conversion, and retention. 

Content Now gives you the flexibility to customize the user journey end-to-end and deliver just the information your end users are looking for thus making this a powerful solution to deliver information as your end-users need.

Here’s an example Use Case:

Example: Schedule Fire Inspection from Ft. Lauderdale Fire Department

Typical User Journey for an end user to schedule a fire inspection:

  • Step 1: Go to
  • Step 2. Search for Ft. Lauderdale Fire Department
  • Step 3. Filter relevant search result from all other search results
  • Step 4. Find information to schedule inspection on
  • Step 5. Schedule

User Journey with Content Now

  • Step 1. The user dials a CADC number from their mobile device (* or # number), for example, #FLPD
  • Step 2. User clicks on the link in their text message and is navigated to the Visual Engagement page where they can schedule an inspection

Here’s how the mobile optimized Visual Engagement looks:

As you can see above, an end-user can now take advantage of the Content Now application and connect to the most relevant and useful resources available at Fort Lauderdale Fire Department in an easy-to-follow 2-Step Process. The Visual Engagement tool can be customized to best fit your business needs and for the targeted audience.

We at StarStar Mobile are excited to announce this product offering and we are looking forward to hearing from you and helping you engage with your end-users using the Content Now application.

Dial **FLFD to see how it works

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