Capture More Sales

The Smart Dial Platform makes your direct response sales efforts more effective. Most direct response campaigns involve connecting prospects to a live agent at a call center. Operating live call centers is expensive, and the experience for your customers is one-dimensional. The Smart Dial Platform changes all of that through the use of Visual Engagement. Visual Engagement gives your callers a chance to order your products online. Your direct response campaigns become more effective by giving customers two different channels to order your product. Live agents can be used to answer customers’ questions and take orders from customers with special requests. Your online ordering systems can be used to help customers learn more about your products and to allow tech-oriented customers to self-order. You can also use Visual Engagement as a re-engagement tool by having the Visual Engagement link sent at the end of the call with your call center. This gives your live agents a chance to capture the sale first, with Visual Engagement used to as a way to recapture sales that your agents were not able to close.

Measure Your Performance

Data informs every decision that you make as a direct response marketer. The Smart Dial Platform helps you collect more data about the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. All of your online sales as well as all of your phone sales can be tracked and reported through the Smart Dial Platform reporting system. Sales are tracked back to the original caller, so you can attribute every sale back to the caller and the number that the caller called to place the order. This allows you to attribute both online and phone orders all in one place. In addition, if you use StarStar Numbers in your advertising you receive geographic data about your advertising performance. The Smart Dial Platform understands State, County, and TV Market (DMA) boundaries and helps you track the effectiveness of your advertising.

Build Your Brand

Most Direct Response advertisements use nondescript phone numbers. These numbers do nothing to reinforce your brand identity and generate no drag. Drag refers to follow-on sales that are achieved after an advertisement run. StarStar Numbers solve these problems. Using an easy to remember StarStar Number, like **MOVE, you can have the call to action in your advertisement reinforce the identify of your product or brand. This not only helps you build awareness about your product, it also creates drag. Customers that may not be able to order the product in the moment when they see your ad will remember your StarStar Number and will call and order later. This is a powerful sales multiplier for your Direct Response efforts.

Optimize Conversions

Tuning the user experience that you offer callers can make a big difference in your conversion rate. The Smart Dial Platform helps you test varying user experiences by supporting A/B testing. You can set up two (or more) different experiences for your callers and the Smart Dial Platform will distribute these experiences evenly among your callers. Every aspect of the experience can be adjusted with A/B testing allowing you to compare the conversion rate for your products. For example, adjusting the audio message played to callers, or the text message or the Visual Engagement experience can all impact your conversion rates. The Smart Dial Platform makes it easy to try variations among these experiences in order to optimize your conversion rate.