A Smarter Contact Center

StarStar Numbers make your call center smarter. Today well over 90% of the traffic going to call centers is initiated from a mobile phone, yet many contact centers were built for the wireline world. Using StarStar Numbers you can optimize your call center for mobile-first engagement. The Smart Dial Platform understands your callers, the device they are calling from, the carrier they are calling from, even the area they have called from, and can offer an array of options to optimize your customers’ contact center experience.

Call Shedding

The most expensive part of operating any contact center is the human staff required to service customer requests. StarStar Numbers can help reduce your call center costs by moving callers from voice conversations to online support channels. We call this call center offload or call shedding. Each time someone calls your StarStar Number the Smart Dial Platform can send them an automatic on-demand text message. This text message contains a link to a Visual Engagement experience. Visual Engagement gives the caller the chance to access your online support services. Visual Engagement can link customers to the support parts of your website, launch a chatbot with your support organization, allow the user to request a callback, collect contact us form, and much more.

Partner Integration

StarStar Mobile has integrated with a variety of platforms that support contact centers. Our partnership with Liveperson gives you access to Apple Business Chat, RCS messaging, chat bots, and more. And for interactive video-based customer support we have integrated with Techsee. These partnerships and others offer you the chance to build a mobile first call center solution – one desired for the modern age.

Geographic Routing

The Smart Dial Platform can help you optimize routing to your call centers by routing calls to different call centers. You can have the platform automatically connect callers to the call center nearest to them, or you can have the platform prompt the user for a service location. After the user says a city and state the Smart Dial Platform will automatically route the call to a call center of your choice for that area. You can even have the platform load-share among several call centers for a given geography. Geographic routing can save you money and allow you to provide a higher quality experience to your customers.