There’s a new mobile technology in town and it is truly going to change the landscape of tradigital marketing!

How many times have you heard that before?

Well, I hear it just about every day. But this time, with the Star-Star (**) mobile vanity phone number, I am thoroughly convinced this is something you need to pay attention to. You may want to find out how you can secure your company’s number if it makes sense for your business.

As a tradigital marketer, I’m all about the proper use of traditional media to drive digital. So many times the best results of this strategy depends on the call to action that drives the audience to the web. Well, Star-Star is about to make that tradigital strategy that much more effective, and all you need is a mobile phone.

Tradigital on Steriods

My first experience with Star-Star was driving down I-95 in West Palm Beach, Florida. A billboard on the side of the road simply said, “Injured? Dial Star-Star Law.”

I nearly pulled off the side of the road in my rush to dial the number. I could not imagine that it would be as easy as dialing **LAW, but sure enough, there was a receptionist on the other line, asking how she could help me.

How cool is that? Well, dig a little deeper and there’s lots more to this new little dynamite of marketing genius. Not only is it easy to remember and easy to dial, by calling a Star-Star number, the company instantly has your geo-location and your mobile phone number.

How it Works

Don’t panic, all of the same opt-in rules apply for the consumer. But on the initial call, the caller gets an instant text message (reply) from the company. This initial text message is the key to engagement, as you have a multitude of customization options. You can send a link to your website, download your app, sign up for special offers, and so on. Any action on the part of the caller essentially opts them into your text messaging database.

The caller also has the option to be routed to your company’s desired physical location to speak with a representative. In addition, this technology can be ‘geo-fenced’, so someone driving in West Palm, automatically gets routed to your ‘West Palm’ location.

The technology and features are very powerful, but perhaps the most powerful aspect is what it will do to your call volume and the lift it can give to your advertising campaign.

In our local market, companies like All My Sons (**MOVE), Ticktin Law Group (**LAW), West Palm Beach Kia (**KIA), Quick Weight Loss (**QUICK), and a few others are blazing this new trail, and achieving dramatic results.

Why it Works

StarStar makes it easy for the consumer to remember the number. Add to that the fact that almost everyone has a mobile phone, and we are an instant gratification society, and you can see why it works so well. There’s no doubt that given the choice, consumers listening to a radio commercial that ends in “call 561-457-7349” or “call **CASH,” will choose **CASH every time.

Here’s the kicker: Once one of these vanity numbers are taken down by a company, they can secure the rights nationwide, making them the exclusive owners of that number. This may soon create another rush like the dot-com era, with squatters sitting on numbers, and induce a price war.

Give it some thought. If ** makes sense to you, it might be better to act sooner than later.

Article by John Garcia -Contributing Writer – The Business Journal

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