We’ve created building blocks for effectively communicating **mobile‘s Brand Identity and rules on how to use our branding elements including logo, color, type, and icons. Use these **mobile brand management tips to build a powerful and recognizable brand.

How to use the asterisk (*)?

The first noticeable and significant typography issue is using the asterisk(*).  All fonts put the * at the top of line height and significantly smaller, like so *.  The ** that you use should be formatted identically to the ones used in our logo.

How to download “SSM Family” font?

Our custom true type font will allow you to recreate the correct * inline with your media. Every computer system is different, but if you try to open the ttf file, you should be prompted to install it.  Once you have done that, any program using your systems fonts, will now have the “SSM Family” font.  Simply highlight the “**” and change the font.

What other images can I use?

We also have created various images that you can use to represent the **‘s in your **number.  We have included files of type .SVG, .PNG. You may choose to use the logo for the entire **number or just the **‘s of the **number

How can you recreate our logo?

When reproducing the **mobile‘s brand, please adhere to the following guidance on how to use the brand palette:

  • The ** in the logo is Teal: #1e9fb3
  • The mobile in the logo dark navy: #39505c
  • Or you may choose white for either part or make the the entire logo white.

Download Assets