Engage With Your Customers

Increase lead flow, customer transparency, and media attribution while achieving higher results.


Register your company’s voice domain by getting a **number.  Provide your business or brand with an enormous opportunity to use voice activation to boost brand engagement.  

Use voice to interact with your customers.

Build Your Brand

Add value to your brand by giving it its own **number and create better customer experiences. Maximize mobile to build your brand by engaging your customers, driving customer loyalty, and increasing sales and revenue both online and off-line with the power of our mobile engagement solution.

Grow Your Product

When customers hear something of interest and dial your **number, they get immediate access to your brand. Your customers want more. Use a visual engagement to simplify their lives by providing options for completing a significant action such as making a purchase, offering benefits (discounts, rewards, earn perks, etc), or accessing exclusive content, available only through the visual engagement.

Empower Your Business

Our mobile customer engagement solution creates new touchpoints and new opportunities to engage. Consumers have higher expectations than ever before. We have leveraged our mobile technology to deliver solutions that empower your business to deliver targeted functionality and solve your unique industry needs.

**Numbers For Media

Are you a Radio or TV? Are your advertisers asking you “How do I know we are getting calls from the ads we run on your station? How do you go from traditional media to digital media? **mobile has the answers to all these questions and more….



Learn how to maximize mobile engagement across channels to reach more customers with unlimited voice keywords leveraging **mobile technology.  Search below, or contact us today.  

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How It Works

Use our mobile engagement solution for motivating, engaging, and prompting customers to action. Here's how:


1. Customer dials **BRAND

2. Caller hears custom voice message, "Thanks for calling **BRAND..."

3. StarStar Mobile delivers a text message with a link to a visual engagement

4. Customer taps the link and is transferred to visual engagement (where they connect to brand's website, promotions, customer service, etc.)

5. Analyze, report, and monitor campaigns on our Online Customer Portal


StarStar Mobile Dialing **brand number
StarStar Mobile SMS Text Messaging **brand number visual engagement
StarStar Mobile visual engagement **brand number

Mobile Carriers We Work With

Our mobile engagement solution is designed to work on all four major US mobile networks: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint.

Leverage mobile technology for a competitive edge

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